“Proper” Free Stuff for Non Profits

We do a lot of work in the non profit sector.  We like to help organisations that are doing good reach their full technological potential.

When we take on a new non profit client we are often surprised that they are “making do” with open source solutions to run their critical technology.  Or they are paying for licenses that they can get for free or more cheaply.

Open source solutions are often put in by volunteers eager to help out but also save money for the organisation.  There is nothing wrong with open source.  But these solutions need a lot of initial set up and maintaining.  They are not easily picked up by others if the person who put the system in is no longer available.  The open source box or software is usually left running without security patches being applied, making the organisation vulnerable to cyber risks.

So what is the alternative?

The Microsoft non profit program offers the following:

To find out more about Microsoft non profit offers click here or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Google also offer support for non profit organisations.  They offer:

For more information take a look at Google’s site or contact us for more information.

There are so many other alternatives available allowing non profits to match commercial organisations so for a full review of your technology needs get in touch with us today.

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